Our resources

At SIOM the most important resources are Man and the Environment

80% of the company’s ideas are proposed by our employees, enabling us to stimulate a culture of innovation and the development of lateral thinking.

We believe in the importance of the contamination of ideas.

and production

  • All SIOM employees use personalised water bottles and a micro-filtered water dispenser, which allows us to drastically reduce the use of plastic bottles, estimated at 4,000 per year.
  • Eco-dictionaries are provided in all large containers to facilitate correct waste sorting in case of doubt.
  • All our waste is sorted into recyclable and non-recyclable waste to make recovery possible.
  • All production orders, through the ERP software combined with Industry 4.0 technologies, are monitored and verified in real time, making productivity more efficient in order to avoid waste of materials and resources.
  • Each year a budget is defined to encourage more responsible consumptions.

clean energy

  • The energy comes from renewable sources
  • We have installed charging stations for electric cars and electric bicycles
  • Conversion of company vehicles to electric
  • Reserved parking spaces for electric cars, bicycles and the disabled

Corporate health and well-being

  • Relaxation areas for employees with reading, playing and sharing zones
  • We believe in the value of women, increasing recruitment and placing them at points of connection between the various departments
  • Continuous collaboration with local schools and integration of young people in the workforce to increase experimentation within the company
  • 1000 square metres of green space in the company
  • We transform environments and habits to make them more stimulating and encourage problem solving and lateral thinking in our employees
  • Idea box and meritocratic systems to encourage employee participation and involvement in the development of Siom


  • Ongoing team building and coaching to increase cohesion and performance
  • Computer training courses for employees to increase digital literacy
  • Company briefings to identify and agree on possible improvement activities