10 rules to become a circular company

An interesting Wired article anticipates one of SIOM’s goals for this year and the years to come, which is to build a Manifesto of the Sustainable Future made up of several fundamental and concrete actions to become a circular company with a green heart.

These are the 10 key points:

  • Pro-disassembly design: the product must be designed with the entire life cycle in mind, including the final stage where, in order to recycle its components, it must be disassembled;
  • Use of secondary raw materials;
  • Recovery of production waste;
  • Sustainably designed production cycles, aiming at energy self-sufficiency;
  • Packaging minimized and easy to recover and reuse;
  • Low-impact distribution, to be done with sustainable;
  • Resource- and emission-saving deliveries;
    . More traceability and transparency;
  • Use of technology to save resources;
  • Approach that takes into consideration the welfare of present and future generations.

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