As of today, there are no environmentally friendly objects at an industrial level with ‘zero’ impact.

There is, however, an opportunity for companies to reduce their environmental impact and carbon footprint by designing and manufacturing objects in total compliance with certain rules fundamental rules.

One of the most important is certainly ‘dematerialisation’: the less raw materials are used to produce an object, the less energy is required for its manufacturing process.

The uncontrolled consumption of non-renewable raw materials (terrestrial minerals, metal ores, fossil fuels, coal, oil, natural gas) has a drastic impact on the ecosystem.

At Siom, every day we think of innovative solutions for objects that can be produced with renewable energies and made with secondary materials (e.g. neo-materials such as bio-based, neo-classic and ex-novo) that are resistant but recyclable at the end of their life and have a long life span, also aesthetically.

In a word: eco design.