Injection Moulding

Professionalism and production flexibility put at the service of the customer’s needs.

The company’s moulding division offers customers the professionalism of a highly qualified team, capable of handling the production of any quantity, while maintaining production flexibility and high quality standards. We also handle smaller series of 500 batches.

We take the utmost care in selecting the most suitable materials for the customer’s needs. Thanks to our experience with polymers, technopolymers and superpolymers, together with our knowledge of circular materials, we are able to advise on the right application, ensuring optimal performance and environmental sustainability.

The use of advanced technologies and materials allows us to design and innovate not only the shape and performance of a product, but the material itself from which it is made.

In eco-design, dematerialisation is a key objective. Metal can be successfully replaced by plastics with equal or even better performance, but with also significant weight and cost reductions.

We also make use of circular plastics, including biopolymers, biocomposites, materials from second-life processes, and materials from chemical and molecular recycling. This approach aims to maximise efficiency and sustainability in the use of environmental resources.

We then subject the products to a system of internal checks to constantly ensure the precision that translates into reliability and the highest quality.