Partnership for Sustainability: Sharing Knowledge

SDG17: Strengthening Implementation Means and Renewing the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development.

SDG 17 promotes the creation of a Global Alliance for Sustainable Development through collaboration among various actors, including the public sector, the private sector, and civil society, to ensure the achievement of the SDGs in all countries worldwide.

Current Situation: A Universal Call to Action.

The world faces an urgent and universal challenge. Global warming, pollution, biodiversity loss, and other environmental impacts threaten not only our existence but also that of future generations. It is imperative to act now and act together to address these global challenges.

Our Contribution: Tangible Actions for a Sustainable Future.

We recognize the importance of actively contributing to achieving SDG 17 and are taking concrete actions to promote a sustainable future:

  1. Aligning Social Responsibility Strategy with the SDGs: Integrating the Sustainable Development Goals into the corporate culture, ensuring that social responsibility is guided by the SDGs and is an integral part of our daily operations.
  2. Identifying Priorities and Giving Importance to the SDGs: Identifying the most relevant SDGs for our business and prioritizing them in the corporate agenda, ensuring that our actions are focused on achieving key sustainable development goals.
  3. Initiating New Collaborations and Partnerships: Establishing a strategy to develop partnerships with other stakeholders, including the public sector, academia, other businesses, and civil society, to broaden our impact and achieve the SDGs more effectively.
  4. Measuring and Reporting Progress: Implementing monitoring systems to measure progress in SDG implementation and including this information in our Sustainability Report, demonstrating our contribution to progress towards sustainable development goals.
  5. Raising Awareness and Training Staff on the SDGs: Promoting awareness and understanding of the SDGs among all employees through training and awareness programs, creating common values that guide the actions of the entire company towards sustainability.
  6. Encouraging Employee Participation in Sustainable Initiatives: Actively involving employees in achieving the SDGs, encouraging participation in sustainable initiatives through an "Idea Box," an internal channel for collecting suggestions and ideas for sustainable projects.
  7. Strengthening Ties with Local Companies and Collaborating with Schools and Universities: Establishing collaborations with local companies to promote shared projects that contribute to achieving the SDGs and creating partnerships with schools and universities to facilitate knowledge exchange and the development of sustainable initiatives.

An Invitation to Collaboration: Together for a Sustainable Future.

In the complex global landscape, a common thread that unites our aspirations clearly emerges: the desire to build a sustainable and harmonious future. This journey towards sustainability cannot be undertaken alone; it requires the courage to collaborate, to reach out, and to pool our resources and expertise to make a lasting impact.

Through united collaboration, we can turn challenges into opportunities and shape a sustainable future that reflects the best of what we can be.